Friday, September 12, 2008

Not good

As I've mentioned before, I lived in Houston, Texas for four years before returning to my hometown and assuming a glamorous lifestyle.

Long story short- loved the kids I taught, couldn't stand the weather

So, the news that Ike is about to hit the Houston/Galveston area makes me ill. For you see, I taught in a very, very impoverished section of the city, and with the projected storm surge- it ain't fixin' to be pretty.

Hopefully, my old school is far enough inland that the surge won't be as bad. But still, I'm worried. My kids would be in the exact situation as those poor souls affected by Katrina- they want to get out, but lack the resources. And then, where to go?

It's what really pissed me off about comparisons between Katrina and the devastating flooding we experienced in Iowa this summer. We had the resources- nearly everyone evacuated had access to vehicles (trucks, semis, ATVs, etc) and for God's sake, only had to relocate at most 5 miles away. We weren't trying escape 100+ MPH winds through a metropolitan area. Not a fair comparison. Totally different scenarios.

I'm praying this concern is for naught, but it appears at the moment to be a very bad scenario for Galveston, truly a gracious and historic city.

And the wind is just beginning to blow...

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