Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay, this is actually kind of awesome.

In Surfside Beach, Texas, the entire town evacuated due to Hurricane Ike. Except for one codger.

They found him today.

Drunk off his ass.

In Surfside Beach, retired carpenter and former Marine Ray Wilkinson became something of a celebrity for a day: He was the lone resident in the town of 805 to defy the order to leave. Authorities found him Saturday morning, drunk.

"I consider myself to be stupid," Wilkinson, 67, said through a thick, tobacco-stained beard. "I'm just tired of running from these things. If it's going to get you, it's going to get you."

He added: "I didn't say I had all my marbles, OK?"

Mr. Wilkinson, my hat is off to your crazy self.

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