Sunday, September 07, 2008


general commentary as it occurs AKA liveblogging

-Brit Brit looks GOOD

-Little Miss Sunshine's gone all Thunderdome.

-Oh My God, Russell's entrance song is 'Rock and Roll Star' by Oasis.

-He's endorsing Obama. Nice...

-Calls Bush a "Retarded Cowboy." Oh dear, the wingers are going to freak. Nothing new then.

- He WENT THERE with the Jonas Brothers virginity rings. God Bless you, Russ.

-Katy Perry is attempting to sing 'Like A Virgin.' KEEP AWAY FROM THE JONAS BROTHERS! ...who are, in my opinion, the Osmond Brothers Version 2.0... and now they're performing. Oh God, make it stop.

-LiLo looks good. Shame about the tuxedo shirt/halter top hybrid

-The Pussycat Dolls SHOULD win the award for best dancing in a video. They're dancers, hello?

-Somebody needs to pull Lil' Wayne's pants up so we don't see, er, Lil'er Wayne.

-I can't decide who Hayley from Paramore wants to be more- Debbie Harry or Shirley Manson

-Slash and Shia LeBeouf are presenting 'Best Rock Video' together. The mind boggles.

-Pink's hair is adorable, as is her dress. Don't quite get the set performance thing, though.

-The Ting Tings. Ahhhhh, bless. Katie looks cute.

-What the sam hell is going on with Pete Wentz's collar?

-Ah Christ, Jordin Sparks is going on about the damned promise rings. John Legend, for some reason, looks uncomfortable/uninterested. "Not everyone wants to be a slut." Seriously, STFU Jordin.

-The cast of 'High School Musical' is on soon. Right, that's it. I'm too old for this shit.


Kazza said...

Heh. You should've seen me and the girls doing Like A Virgin last night on karaoke. There might be a video HAHAHAHA

Cygirl said...

In your derby getups? I bet that was AWESOME!

Hee hee. Found part of your Crimbo pressie tonight.

And can I just say, yes, yes, Jordin Sparks, everyone who doesn't wear one of those promise rings and isn't married is a whore. BITE. ME.