Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"All thoughts of sleep desert me, there is no time,

thirty minutes brings me round to her number nine."

This is why I'm going to hell.

Last weekend, the flower shop that I work at, was hit with a last minute funeral, necessitating my working on a Sunday (we're not usually open that day).

So, I'm designing away and singing along to a song on of my Stone Roses Cd's.

What's the problem?

Well, I was putting together several arrangements for the funeral, one from a church and the other from a Bible study group from that church. And the song I was singing?

"Going Down."

For those of you unfamiliar with the collected works of Ian, John, Mani and Reni, yes, THAT type of going down.

I'm in soooooo much trouble......


Anonymous said...

i have never read the lyrics to that song ... naughty it is

Syd B

queen bee said...

methinks you'll next be singing a clash fave...'straight to hell'

hee hee~

Cygirl said...

'straight to hell'

Indeed. What's truly hilarious is that I initally didn't realize the song was completely filthy (because I usually don't pay an inordinate amount of attention to lyrics- well, most of the time). It was My Beloved Mani's bassline that tipped me off. I know, nerd.