Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From the DPT website

Yes, that sign says "More cowbell." Too cool for school.


Miss Odd Bee said...

I got a fever and the only prescription is MORE STAN!

Oh sorry.

queen bee said...

again proving...dpt fans are the best-est fans.

Cygirl said...

Um, I've bookmarked their website. 'Cause Carlos writes on it, and I hope and pray that Stan does too.

Stan, Stan, he's my man!

Miss Odd Bee said...

Oh my god I have to SHARE!!!!!!!

Me who yells at my kids to share.

I thought Didz was particularly good looking in this one video...

Cygirl said...

Calm down. You might frighten the children. You're not hallucinating.
Didz IS quite attractive in this video. Not Stanthony or Carlos-level adorable/sexxxxxy, but cute. And I'd like to note for the record, one of my co-workers thinks Gary is hott. Yes, I meant to have two 't's.'