Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger (Jools)

I purchased this Cd yesterday, and I've listened to this song, oh, about 50 times. Seriously.


queen bee said...

oh my god. i have the same problem. i listen to 'chelsea dagger' nonstop, then it's in my head and i have to go listen to it more to make it go away. it's a vicious cycle.

Cygirl said...

"Chelsea, Chelsea, I believe,
that when you're dancing slowly, sucking your sleeve...."

That bit along with the chorus from "Wasted Little DJs" has been on a loop in my head all weekend. I'm starting to feel like Alex in A
Clockwork Orange.

Though with less ultra-violence. So far.

queen bee said...

so here's the insanity. see if you can follow this.

the fratellis are playing the mercury lounge the same night as the young knives. fratellis are the 8 pm show, the young knives go on at 11.

i have tickets to see the young knives show. which was originally the view, young knives and foreign islands at luna lounge, then the view dropped [visa issues] and the young knives postponed [visa issues]. when they rescheduled the young knives, they moved venues from luna lounge to mercury lounge.

hence they're playing the same night as the fratellis. but my young knives tix -- for the later show -- won't get me into the earlier fratellis show at 8 pm.

so the fratellis will be playing on the same damn stage that night before i get there.

not fair.

hope they stick around to watch the young knives, at least.

Cygirl said...

I really like the stuff I've heard from the Long Knives. Kate Jackson is super cool. Very dry sense of humor.

Hope they stick around, too!