Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If I were Yoko Ono

I'd be calling my financial manager and having them cut a check. Say what you will about Mrs. Lennon, but there are very few people who have guarded their dead spouse's legacy more fiercely than she. For 25+ years, even.

Pop superstar Michael Jackson is being forced to sell the remaining rights to The Beatles songs he owns in a bid to pay off outstanding debts.

The Thriller star purchased the group's back catalogue in 1985, but sold part ownership of the songs to record company Sony in 1995, using the rest as security for loans in a deal rumoured to have made the star GBP750 million.

However, under the deal, Jackson must sell the rest of the rights to Sony by 31 May next year after they helped him repay a GBP140 million loan.

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