Sunday, March 11, 2007


DPT.39, originally uploaded by scottspy.

Boy love is wonderful, isn't it? Oh yeah, the Stanley Monster rears it's mop-topped head again.


queen bee said...

mmn, DPT chicago show, last summer, yes? thank you.

carl in his sling.

...for the encore, he comes out alone on stage to do 'france'. for the first time during the whole show, he's got his guitar on. he pushes his sling up his arm, and begins to play. crowd knows he shouldn't; it's against doctor's orders, but -- more to the point -- it must hurt like hell, not that the jameson's he's consumed in large swigs hasn't numbed the pain. but he's stubborn. and he's doing it for the crowd.

ah, barat.

Miss Odd Bee said...

I see Stanley's underpants!

Not that I'm complaining.

Good lord...

Cygirl said...

Why do you think I picked that picture? STANLEYPANTS!

queen bee said...

you mean you didn't pick it for carlos in the sling?

i love that you girls love stanley. more barat for me. PASS THE BARAT!!

Cygirl said...

Carlos in his sling is fabu, but STANLEYPANTS!

Boy, new crushes are all-consuming aren't they? You give me a cute boy with a guitar and suddenly I'm 13 again. But with slightly-less giggling.