Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kasabian - Empire


Miss Odd Bee said...

BA HA HA I love Captain Tom and his pinky ringed salute. Good lord he has good dimples when he yells stop at 2:28.

And man, I think my bandaged boy needs himself a good field nurse. I love a Serge in uniform.

Cygirl said...

Dimples. Military jackets. I think we've found my post-Noel "boyfriend."

I'd like to volunteer to nurse Serge. I'd take extra special care of him.

To borrow what QB said about Damon and Jude earlier this week,

"Hot Christ, the two men I'd most like to....."


Miss Odd Bee said...

I love how the dimples are brought up all over the place now. HA HA HA

It's the little things that make the boyfriend a boyfriend, isn't it? And it's when you least expect it.

Cygirl said...

Oh my, it is the littlest things, as Diamond Lil would say.

I personally love the flasks, too.