Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wildest pop stars

The Independent's list of the 'wildest pop stars' include such luminaries as Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, The Winehouse, The Doherty, The Killer, Keith Moon, Grace Slick and Ozzy, but the following are my favorites:

Happy Mondays

The story goes that Tony Wilson signed the Happy Mondays to his Factory label after watching them come last in a battle of the bands competition at the Hacienda. If he'd known they would later come close to ruining him, he might have had second thoughts. Shaun Ryder, Bez (right) and their tribe's increasingly drug-addled antics during the Madchester years had a destructive effect not only on their own minds, but on the health of their management. Wilson gave the Mondays £200,000 to record their masterpiece and, he hoped, throw the near-bankrupt record company a lifeline. Instead, Ryder and co blew the lot on a drugs binge in the Caribbean and produced an album with no vocals.

And don't forget Our Kid-

Liam Gallagher

The simian, truculent, fight-picking, paparazzi-baiting lead vocalist of Oasis spent 10 years drinking, drugging, punching his brother Noel*, bragging (absurdly) about eclipsing The Beatles, and getting into scrapes with the law. The most notorious was in December 2002, when Gallagher and two other band members began fighting each other in a Munich hotel nightclub. One fell into a table where five or six large Italians were sitting. They joined in. The band's security men came to help, attacking other club guests. The police arrived and, possibly in an attempt to restore calm, Gallagher kicked one in the chest. The fight continued outside, where Gallagher lost two front teeth. He narrowly escaped a GBH charge and a two-year prison sentence. The tour was cancelled. To date, he's been banned from an airline, four hotel chains and Channel ferries.

*the interview where Our Kid and Big Brother spend the whole time cursing & insulting each other? One of the most hysterical things I've ever heard. The word 'fuck' is used as an adjective, noun and a verb. They argue over if it's "rock and roll" to be thrown off ferries. It also contains my favorite bit of an interview ever.

Liam- "And I had a few drinks, because I like drinking."

Noel- (yelling from the bathroom) "You can't drink, you dick."

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