Friday, January 19, 2007

Ewan as Kurt?

Oh for the love of Mike, some of the writers from Rolling Stone online couldn't find their asses with both hands. What is wrong with this blurb?

The endless speculation about who may or may not be in line to play Kurt Cobain in the Courtney Love-approved film about his life may be over. The already rockstar-like Scott Ewan McGregor is rumored to be Love’s first choice.

Yes, someone from Scotland is generally referred to as a 'Scot.' Not a 'Scott,' unless they're actually named 'Scott.'

If I recall correctly, this is by the same writer that said that Glastonbury Festival was in Scotland. Not fucking England.

That being said, I do love me some Ewan as a rock star. See "Velvet Goldmine" for details.

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