Friday, January 19, 2007

The View

Not the talking head show, but the Scottish band.

I was already predispositioned to like them, but then I read this interview and saw the magic words. Oasis and Primal Scream. More specifically, Noel for the former, and Mani for the latter. As my girl Bridget Jones would say (yes, I know she's not a real person), "DING DONG!"

As if to prove they're not just your average fly-by-night buzz band, the View have already amassed a catalogue of famous friends that most fledgling indie bands would castrate their drummers for; Noel Gallagher loves them, they count Primal Scream among their closest compadres (care of one debauched tour together), and it was a leg-up from one Prince Doherty of Tabloidland that started everything in the first place.

Also see the MEN

They've supported the likes of The Kooks and Primal Scream ("the best band in Britain. We went to Mani's house!"), as well as earning plaudits from Oasis.


"Noel Gallagher came and listened to us when we were mastering the EP at the studios," beams Kyle in his munching-gravel voice. "He thought it was cool."

Quite an accolade for the group that originally converged at their local Catholic school as a covers band, blitzing through a repertoire that included "The Beatles, The Stone Roses and Oasis".

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