Friday, January 19, 2007

This I'd like to hear

He may be a trainwreck, but let us not forget, Pete is very talented.

Pete Doherty played a cover of an Oasis song at a solo show in London this morning, just hours after his latest court appearance.

The Babyshambles star took to the stage at the Rhythm Factory at around midnight, performing a two-hour set from across his career.

Emerging to a chant of "QPR, QPR, QPR", Doherty was backed by friend The General throughout, with Mick Whitnall from Babyshambles also contributing.

Amongst the material played was Noel Gallagher's "Don't Look Back In Anger", plus tracks from the recent "Blinding" EP, "Killamangiro" and "What Katy Did Next".

Libertines favourites "What A Waster", "Can't Stand Me Now" and "Time For Heroes" also got an airing in the lengthy set, according to the NME.

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