Thursday, January 18, 2007

Glasto headliner rumors

Like the first blossom of spring or the January sales, the Glastonbury rumours start earlier each year. We're barely the third week into the 2007 and already there are reports suggesting organisers already know the full line-up for the festival, due to take place in Pilton in June.

The website declares that Friday's top billing will be given to The Killers, Saturday's to the Arctic Monkeys (with Kasabian just below them) and Sunday's traditional veteran slot to The Who, with Kaiser Chiefs set to act as their limberer-uppers.

They're not the only bands who are rumoured to be playing Mr Eavis's shindig. Festival favourites the Chemical Brothers are rumoured to be closing the Other Stage on Sunday, while Eric Clapton, Madness, The Kooks and the Scissor Sisters have, like a well-fed cow, also been heavily-tipped.

The festival itself, as is its wont, declined to comment on the line-up speculation, saying it would not do so until the official line-up is announced. Tickets don't go on sale for a while, but the controversial pre-registration process is set to start at the beginning of next month.

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Durkin said...

I've been covering the festival on my blog, and i must say i am already more than disappointed with the rumours, apart from The Who.