Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh Holy Jesus

The potential for the Brit Awards turning into a giant trainwreck with nearly all my favorite pop and rock stars on that train? HUGE.

The organisers of the Brits are banking on the combustible combination of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and the Gallagher brothers, as much prized for their catty wit and alcohol-fuelled antics as their prodigious talents, to enliven this year's show. After some bleak years in which they struggled to even fill the nominations list for best British female solo artist, they last night hailed the emergence of a new breed of talented females with attitude as Allen, Corinne Bailey Rae and Winehouse racked up seven nominations between them.


Allen, whose ska-inflected pop attracted thousands to her MySpace page even before her debut single was released, and Winehouse, who has been described as mixing "reverentially classicist musical backdrops with potty-mouthed explorations of the modern mating game", were both nominated in the best album category. Both have become regulars in gossip columns, with Winehouse appearing drunk on the Charlotte Church Show and heckling Bono during the Q Awards, and Allen sparking tabloid outrage when she said she would celebrate her debut No 1 with "gak", a slang word for cocaine. The 21-year-old, daughter of the actor Keith Allen, later said she was joking.


The awards will be shown live for the first time since the debacle when co-hosts Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox fluffed their way through the show in 1989.

The shakeup, which also involved boosting the number of British acts at the expense of US stars, will see Russell Brand replacing Chris Evans as host.

He said he was "looking forward to being the ringleader of a carnival of mayhem" and recreating the chaotic scenes of previous years when Chumbawamba accosted John Prescott and Jarvis Cocker invaded the stage during a set by Michael Jackson.

Let me direct your attention to the bolded section. Drunk on Char's show, and heckled Saint BONO. Celebrating with Columbian Marching Powder. How could this not be awesome?

And there's always the possibility that Our Kid and My Beloved Noel will take after each other with cricket bats or leave the stage and heckle the other from the audience. Again.

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